Space Travel is Powering The Real Estate Market on Earth

Florida’s Space Coast, including the Merritt Island area where Cape Canaveral sits, continues to experience a booming space travel activity. As big names such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin set up shop in the area, more high-earning professionals continue to troop into the Space Coast, causing a real estate boom that is expected to last for a long time to come. As a result, Florida real estate investment news will be nothing without mention of space travel.

Space travel continues to attract the interest of many people, thanks to advanced technology and entry of notable private investors like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. Perhaps, owing to the charisma of these personalities, the opening of space industry to private companies as opposed to government agencies likes NASA inspires more people. This means Florida’s Space Coast is in need of more investment in real estate to cater for demand of quality housing by the staff of these companies and the flurry of other support businesses that will crop up.

Big Investment and Job Growth due to Space Travel

The fact that the number of applicants to NASA’s class of astronauts rose from 6,300 in 2013 to a record 18,000 in 2017 asserts the growing popularity of space travel. This was apparent as Vice President Mike Pence joined NASA officials on Wednesday, June 7 to unveil 2017’s new class of astronauts. This gesture of federal support to space travel will definitely boost investor’s confidence for the benefit of Florida’s Space Coast real estate.

This comes after Space Florida approved a $5 million budget to upgrade the Cape Canaveral Air Force station’s Launch Complex 40 to support more efficient launch operations. Already, SpaceX is doing repair works on the launch pad destroyed by a rocket explosion in September 2016. Undoubtedly, these developments will see a hike in demand for housing in the Merritt Island area, signaling handsome returns for realtors and investors in the Space coast.


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Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, also known as SpaceX, has found renewed energy in space travel. It has partnered with United Launch Alliance, which brings together Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and they already use launch pads at Cape Canaveral for their space travel operations.

Space Florida CEO, Frank DiBiello, said that the $5 million would be matched by over $35 million in private investment and will generate 70 jobs each attracting average pay of $80,000 per annum. “That’s a good match,” Bill Dymond, the Space Florida board chair, said. “And 70 jobs at $80,000 a year I think is worth $5 million as well.” This means that demand for high quality real estate by high-earning individuals will not be in short supply.

Moreover, Blue Origin is investing $200 million to build a rocket factory in the locality. “We’re not just launching from here,” Mr. Bezos said of the move, “We’re building here.” According to state officials, the rocket manufacturing and assembly plant will create a projected 330 direct jobs. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin already leased Launch Complex 36 for its space travel operations. This attests to the expected growth in demand for quality single family housing on Merritt Island.

Such an announcement by Blue Origin and the evident presence of SpaceX and NASA on the Cape Canaveral speaks volumes of renewed activity on the Space Coast. In fact, Jeff Bezos hopes to revive Launch Complex 36 that has laid dormant for a decade! Similarly, these investments are breathing a new life to real estate market around the Merritt Island area.

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Space Florida Ramps up Spending to Support Space Travel

Space Florida, on the other hand, has shunned budget cuts to spur growth in the space travel industry. It is not only charged with developing aerospace business, but also with managing spaceport infrastructure in the State. Therefore, it works in close contact with organizations like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Boeing and NASA to achieve its goals. Due to its efforts, companies like Embraer, Northropp Grumman and Rocket Crafters have moved into Merritt Island or expanded their operations.

Funding for the state organization was maintained at $19.5 million in 2017, as was the case in the 2016 budget. This means it can comfortably pursue space travel business to the benefit of the economy. Consequently, real estate businesses stand to gain from the growth in space travel that Space Florida advances.

The agency is keen in offering incentives to aerospace and aviation businesses to woo more investors and boost their businesses. For instance, it allocates $20 million per annum of what is provided by the State Department of Transport to build and improve infrastructure such as launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center. After the shuttle downturn that led to 18,000 job cuts in 18 months back in the 1970s and dampened Florida real estate investment news, there is no taking chance with the new space travel economy.

Furthermore, the Space Florida has approved up to a tune of $2.75 million more in FDOT funding in order to expand roads, relocate overhead utility lines as well as access roads in Exploration Park. This is aimed at benefiting Blue Origin and other companies such as OneWeb Satellite. However, we know that good infrastructure is a catalyst for growth in real estate business and rises in house prices. Therefore, real estate investors stand to gain a lot from the infrastructure spending.

In conclusion, space travel has unleashed many opportunities for real estate business in Space Coast. Merritt Island area real estate business, due to its strategic location and hosting of the Kennedy Space Center and several launch pads, stands to gain a lot from the space business. Therefore, Florida real estate investment news will be dotted with success stories of Merritt Island real estate investors.

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June Newsletter: Lower Entry, Investor Growth & New Offerings

RealtyeVest’s Lowers Minimum Investments Across the Board

Beginning in June RealtyeVest’s investor community will be able to participate in all investments for as little as $5,000. This will allow for new and experienced investors to get into more deals and diversify their real estate investments across more offerings.

Since the launch of the new RealtyeVest platform, our investor base has experienced a 61% growth rate over the previous month. This growth has largely stemmed from our extensive marketing campaigns, rebranding efforts, new investment offerings and promotional outreach.

RealtyeVest is evolving into a national crowdfunding brand. We have recently been invited to speak at a number of national and international conferences along with attracting several very large sponsors.  Other national crowdfunding platforms are evolving into more of a traditional lending capacity, making the on-boarding process laborious and untimely, while RealtyeVest remains nimble and user-friendly.

 June Updates

The Monroe House

RealtyeVest is pleased to announce that it has recently added a new debt investment offering for a 40,000-square-feet Assisted Living Facility in southwestern Mississippi, near the Louisiana state line. The development includes 60 one-bedroom/bathroom units.

Dubbed The Monroe House, the project is a $1,000,000 debt investment opportunity that’s being offered at 12% interest as a current payment with 10% profit participation in a capital event. The total raise for the project will be $5,000,000 in five total tranches. Construction for the development has been approved by the planning and zoning commission, and the board of supervisors.


Island Oaks

RealtyeVest is pleased to announce that it has recently added a new debt investment offering in Merritt Island, Florida. Island Oaks Condominiums is a four-building, 48-unit condominium development located off North Courtenay Parkway. The community also lies within the Space Coast, an area inside Brevard County that got its name because of its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The development, which is currently under construction, is $2,000,000 debt investment opportunity with a 10% ROI and 10% profit participation. The total cost to capitalize the development is $10,271,520, which includes $1,500,000 in land acquisition costs; $6,252,000 in construction hard costs; $707,000 in soft costs; and $1,812,520 in carrying costs and project fees.

Why We Like This Deal

A Word From The CEO

“You spoke and we listened… we lowered the minimum investment on “every” deal on our site to $5,000. This opens the floodgates for first time investors to invest with us with an increased comfort level. We look forward to working with new and seasoned investors and as always, I am available via phone or email to answer any questions. Thank you and Happy Investing.” – Dan Summers

Tip of the Month

A lot of investors try to cut corners to save money, but in our opinion, they end up having more issues when they attempt to sell the property. If a renovation project is not done correctly and repairs are left needed… don’t expect to get the full market value of the asset. Look to crowdfunding for additional capital to help with the unexpected costs and renovations of projects.


Sweet Water Park Assisted Living Facility

The equity investment portion on this Senior Living Project, which offered a 28% ROI, has just closed. Under construction now, Sweet Water Park is a residential assisted living project in Jacksonville, Fla. The project build out will consist of three phases, which will take place over the next several months. The first phase will be licensed for 15 beds and should be completed by July.  The second phase will include adding another 15 beds in a new construction project on the property. Phase three will include expanding the current structures so in the end there will be a total of 50 beds at this location. The structures are being built on 5.8 acres in a park-like setting that features a one-acre pond, trees and benches.

But for the investors who participated in this project, there is nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the fruits of passive real estate investing.

For more information on Sweet Water Park check out our spotlight interview with project sponsor John Daley.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” – Mark Twain


Originally from Biloxi, Miss., Daley, 55, has been living in Florida for the majority of his adult life. His interest in real estate peaked seven years ago, when he saw a Carleton Sheets’ infomercial on television. From there, he joined a real estate investment club in Jacksonville, where he spent eight months learning the intricacies of real estate investing.

Since then, Daley has been involved in several renovation projects, including six single-family homes, five of which that have already been sold, he said, “and the sixth should be on the market in about two weeks.”



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RealtyeVest CEO Daniel Summers is scheduled to present at the upcoming 6th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Oct. 23rd – 24th.

The two-day convention, sponsored by Microsoft, is considered the flagship crowdfunding event of the year!

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May Newsletter: RealtyeVest Heats up in Spring

IHT Realty Crowdfunding Becomes RealtyeVest!

IHT Realty Crowdfunding has rebranded itself as RealtyeVest and launched a new website, under its new domain name, to coincide with its national expansion.


What’s New?

User Interface

We have given our entire platform a facelift and improved our investor dashboard in order to create a more user-friendly, interactive layout. You will have easier access to investment history, preferences, accreditation status and investment reports.

Our Marketplace

Our digital marketplace will provide customized navigation tabs and a new graphical interface, specifically designed to simplify the use of our platform when it comes to documentation, financial and status report updates.

Information and News Hub

Users will be able to interact in discussions, forums, case studies and stay up-to-date on the latest market and investment trends with our dynamic information hub. Investors can search by category or keyword and seamlessly access the information they are seeking.


As part of our move to bring users the best possible real estate investing experience, we are also updating our security measures and introducing an electronic transfer option to make investing safer and easier than before.

A Word From The CEO

IHT Realty Crowdfunding has repositioned itself as RealtyeVest in compliance with our company’s new business model as an online real estate investment service  something we feel will more appropriately reflect the direction of our business.

 May Updates

We have transacted more than $20 million in capital through hundreds of successful real estate investment deals. Keep your eyes open for new investment offers on our Invest Page, as we plan to triple our real estate inventory this month following the successful launch of our website.

Tip of the Month: 1 Percent Rule of Thumb

Look to purchase properties that have a rent-to-price ratio of 1%, meaning the monthly rent is at least equal to or greater than 1% of the total purchase price. Properties conforming to this rule generally have positive monthly cash flow after accounting for routine debt expenses like taxes and insurance.


“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie


investor spotlight dr. kenyon meadows

Dr. Kenyon Meadows

Dr. Kenyon Meadows is a radiation oncologist from Youngstown, Ohio. He completed his residency in 2006 at the University of Florida and has been practicing medicine at the Southeast Georgia Cancer Care Center since 2008.

In addition to saving lives, Dr. Meadows is a published author and successful real estate investor, with an interest in residential properties in Jacksonville, Fla. Since 2013, he’s invested in approximately 35 deals on RealtyeVest and similar crowdfunding platforms.

Dr. Meadows prefers to invest in single-family properties in middle-class neighborhoods that have a good mix of owners and renters. “This is where the bulk of properties conforming to the 1 percent rule will be found,” Dr. Meadows said.

We recently sat down with Dr. Meadows to discuss his new book, “Alternative Financial Medicine: High Yield Investing in a Low Yield World” and his thoughts on real estate investing and the crowdfunding industry as a whole.

Read the full interview here


RealtyeVest CEO Daniel Summers is scheduled to present at the upcoming 6th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Oct. 23rd – 24th.

The two-day convention, sponsored by Microsoft, is considered the flagship crowdfunding event of the year!

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Areas of Growth: Assisted Living, Affordable Housing and “Surban” Apartments

-The market for Assisted Living has become a desirable asset for investors with nearly 12,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement every day – The Pew Research Center.

-As the wage gap in the United States widens, there has been a shift towards lower paying jobs, leading to an increase in demand for Affordable Housing. The average household income for 36 percent of U.S. workers is under $20,000 per year – Social Security Administration.

– Millennials are not buying homes like previous generations. In fact, millennials are the most important factor in demand for new “surban” (suburban/urban) apartments. Recent reports indicate continued growth in apartments as more young people are leaving the nest – The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac).

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